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We're committed to providing the best service we possibly can, and pride ourselves on our quick response times. If you have any problems using this website or any templates that you have purchased from us, please get in touch as soon as possible and we'll get you up and running again!

To send us a message, visit our contact page on

At kooki web we build and sell HTML templates to be used primarily for ebay listings; but may also be used with any other online marketplace which accepts custom HTML content.

By purchasing a template from kookibay, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to
the following terms and conditions:

  1. Designs are the property of kookibay and must not be copied or sold, either in full or in part.
  2. Customers may purchase multiple templates and switch between them as necessary on their account. Multiple ebay account holders must not share the same kookibay account.

Once your purchase has been made, we will get in touch to discuss the specifics of your chosen template. Please ensure you have the following information prepared so that your template can be completed as soon as possible:

If you see a template you like but do not require some of the sections it includes, we will modify this at your request; usually without charge. Large modifications may incurr a small fee.

Once your template is ready, static information such as your delivery, returns and contact details will appear on every listing you create and are not editable from your account. We will modify any of this content without question for a small fee, but please be aware that this does not affect your live listings. They will need to be manually re-created through your kookibay account and then re-listed to ebay in order for the content to be updated.

kookibay offer a 48 hour promise which states that you will have access to your template(s) within 48 hours of purchase. The following terms apply to this promise:

  1. For standard orders, the 48 hour time frame begins immediately following successful payment.
  2. For orders which require alterations (custom logo, colour modifications, delivery/returns text and contact information), the 48 hour time frame begins immediately following an agreement between the customer and kookibay on the alterations which are to be made.
  3. If the customer is unresponsive for any reason, kookibay are not responsible for delays past the 48 hour time frame.
  4. The 48 hour time frame does not include weekends or most public holidays.

kookibay are not a part of ebay and have no control over ebay policies or ebay website functionality. As such:

  1. kookibay are not responsible for previously functional templates becoming disfunctional due to ebay system updates.
  2. kookibay will always strive to repair templates in these instances, but full repair can never be promised without prior knowledge to the specifics of each update.
  3. Some listings which go live before template-breaking updates cannot always be updated automatically should a fix become available. These items must be re-listed by the customer after using the updated template on the kookibay website.
  4. In rare cases, templates may be removed from kookibay if major ebay updates cause them to be unrecoverable. If this situation occurs, all owners of the template will be offered their choice of free template from the kookibay gallery.

Your privacy is important to us. We create a database entry containing only your name, email address and ebay shop name for the purposes of organising our templates and allowing the kookibay website show you the correct template(s) once you have logged in.
No other details are stored. All monetary transactions are conducted securely through PayPal and are not seen by the kookibay or kooki web system.

Your kookibay username and password are encrypted and are of no relation to your ebay username or password.

* We aim to have your template and account ready within 48 hours of payment. Additional work such as altering colours or adding your own logo into our design may lengthen the process and relies on prompt communication from the customer. Colour alterations cost a small additional fee, please get in touch before making a purchase if you require this service. See our full Terms and Conditions.